Literally warm dahil summer na. Oo na! Summer na, please take it slow sa init mong dala. It was very hot and humid when we visited Mt. Balagbag. After all those hesitations because of the incident finally we’re (Me, Carla, Sol) able to push thru. Bahala na anong mangyari samin,haha. As expected it will be hot (Super hot! As in!) even though we travelled as early as we can. Heat wave ang sinuong naming!haha. Mt. Balagbag does not require a guide unless you want to traverse to the falls or go somewhere else. Continue reading



Summer is fast approaching and we can already feel the heat – wala masyadong connect ang intro ko, gusto ko lang sabihin na malapit na ang summer season. Time for another adventure! Sakit lang talaga ng katawan ang hanap. Meyeh and I have been planning to go to the much talked Nagpatong Rock Formation. I first heard Nagpatong during our climb in Mt. Binacayan, our guide was telling that the view there is really nice. Then, it became a hit when it was featured in a movie. So, off to another DIY trip. Continue reading


It’s been three (3) months since my last hike and I really wanted to go for hike #20ClimbsBefore30. So, I looked for an easy climb – an easy one but I guess no mountain will ever be easy (haha). I’ve been eyeing Mt.Tagapo since it says that it has a difficulty of 2/9 (Easy Peasy! NOT!). So I started planning this “easy hike” and invited people to join me – lo and behold the supposed to be 12 pax became 6 pax. It was raining for the past few days thinking na baka hindi pa kami matuloy dahil ayoko na ulit maghike ng umuulan (ATTEMPTED TO HIKE MT.ULAP). The whole Saturday was gloomy and rain showers from time to time – to go or not to go? GO! Push natin yan bes! Continue reading


Yup, will try to conquer it for the second time ‘coz the first one was kind of fail (haha). I’m with Marj, Ali, Mats, and others (sorry guys, I forgot your names) and it will be a long ride from Bulacan to Benguet, left at around 10 PM (March 18)  and arrived at Benguet at around 3:30AM (March 19), matapos magkaligaw ligaw papuntang jump-off. Good thing a guide (Jeka) was walking in those wee hours we’re able to ask for directions and offered her a ride since we’re going to the same place. We’re the first batch to arrive at the place, as per locals trek starts at 4-4:30 AM. Continue reading


Together with my college friends (Ali and Meyeh) we planned to go to Maculot, but due to bad weather and body aches (signs of aging na ba ito?) last March 4 we didn’t push thru. Desperately wanted to climb muntik na kaming mapunta sa Mt.Sawi, Mt. Sembrano, Mt. Kayangkayangan, Mt. Tagapo, at lahat na ng maisip naming bundok but we just agreed to not leave for the weekend and have it rescheduled the following week – March 11.

Sunday midnight and we’re off to Batangas, matapos lumagpas sa pick-up points at magkanda ligaw ligaw papuntang jump-off. Thank you Waze for guiding us, maliligaw ka talaga considering na looban ang place and madilim pa. Jump-off is at the Mountaineer’s Store; foods are available and use of CRs. We opted to do the traverse upon registration, and then a guide was assigned to us – Jimboy. After registration we still need to drive a few minutes to start our trek. Continue reading