Designated as the Maid of Honor I’m responsible to organize or atleast initiate a bridal shower for the bride-to-be. How can I organize an event kung yung kasama kong nag-oorganize ang bibigyan ng party? Nagpapanic na ako ng very very light pero kebs lang. I would often ask the bride what bridal showers she wants, who are the guests, and even what she wants to wear (haha, takot mapagalitan ng bride!). She really wanted a Tea Party – Cath Kidston theme, loud and clear! Lels. I really wanted it to be a surprise party, matagal na nyang gusto magkaron ng surprise party. How can we pull this off? Luckily, they found out Vanilla Cupcake Bakery located at Tomas Morato (it’s the same as the one in Trinoma, but it’s bigger and has a separate room for events). The venue is perfect for the tea party x cath kidston vibes; venue – Php 10,000 consumable good for 3 hours.


Invited her college friends, cousin, and the soon-to-be sister-in-law for the guests and we’re all set for the surprise. College friends (Angel, Caye, Reg) we’re in-charge of the games and prizes; sila ang front naming; they would invite Marj for dinner but little did she know that it’s already her bridal shower. Cousin Malou was in-charge of her dress kung paano nya kukunin sa bahay nila ng di nya nalalaman – yes, she wants the dress she wore on her pictorial. Soon-to-be sister-in-law  is in-charge of the bouquet we requested the groom to buy for her (sapilitan ito mga bes!haha). Highschool friends (Geli, Reg, Ida, Claire) were in-charge of the food and venue. I wouldn’t let this occasion happen without a DIY; made cake toppers, cupcake topper, kissmark board, favor tags, bride sash, and veil with tiara (bet nya yan! Kahit may sariling buhay yung veil nya). The fiancé was also helped us, asked him to pack her clothes, shoes, accessories without her knowing.


DIY Cake Toppers


Kissmark Board




Bouquet from the fiance

May 5, 2017 (Friday) – 6PM

I was so nervous before the event; I’m no good in organizing things like these at surprise pa. Dun-dun-dun…Eto na! College friends were already messaging that they’re on the way to the venue, naglalakad palang kami papunta and we haven’t put up the decors yet. Nakakastress na to ng very very light!haha. And SURPRISE!! I really hoped she was surprised, naki-cooperate naman sya – nakita na pala nya ako/kami upon entering the place.


We shared dinner and had games, wrote her some advice for her to read, tokens were also given, and lastly a message from each one of us.


  1. Who Am I – we need to write an unforgettable memory with the bride and she needs to know who that person is.
  2. Tissue Roll Lingerie – instead of the typical wedding dress made of tissue, this one we need to make lingerie that the bride would likely to wear on their honeymoon (haha).
  3. How well you know the Groom – we’re asked to pick a piece of paper; each has a number from 0-12. Marj needs to answer questions about the groom, the guest with the number of correct answers she got wins.



Thank You for your time 🙂

It was very overwhelming to see her happy, pulling off a not so surprise bridal shower and gathering the people close to her to celebrate her last days as a Miss. It was very intimate as what the bride wants it to be, we stayed a little longer for some photo-ops and what else endless chikahan.


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