Yup, will try to conquer it for the second time ‘coz the first one was kind of fail (haha). I’m with Marj, Ali, Mats, and others (sorry guys, I forgot your names) and it will be a long ride from Bulacan to Benguet, left at around 10 PM (March 18)  and arrived at Benguet at around 3:30AM (March 19), matapos magkaligaw ligaw papuntang jump-off. Good thing a guide (Jeka) was walking in those wee hours we’re able to ask for directions and offered her a ride since we’re going to the same place. We’re the first batch to arrive at the place, as per locals trek starts at 4-4:30 AM.

I had to make reservations two (2) weeks before our trip, reservation is a must considering that they’re limiting the number of people climbing – 150 during weekdays and 500 during weekends. Fortunately a group back out that we’re able to fill in. Registration and securing a guide is required, we paid for the registration fees, guide fees (Jeka and Kuya Alex), and parking fees. They’ll provide receipts, stubs for parking, and stamps for entrance – due that other hikers are going straight the jump off without registration and guide.

Mt.Ulap Council Contact No. 0946-340-4561/ 0946-115-6154/ 0928-483-1133

We had a brief introduction of do’s and don’ts and what to expect during our hike. Then off we go braving the cold breeze and the night sky we started our hike; from Ampucao Elementary School we still need to walk to the main jump off that took us about 10-15 minutes. A welcome sign will be seen indicating the major jump-off to Mt. Ulap; there would be three (3) peaks – Ambanaw Paway, Gungal, Mt.Ulap Summit.


So cold and so dark


It was really so cold, OA sa lamig I swear – I had 3 layers of clothes on me, scarf, and a head buff. Even contemplating to buy gloves coz it was really cold. It was still dark when we’re nearing the first summit, our guides told us that we can enjoy the sunrise at the fist peak. Yay! for some sunrise and super nice view – it was really picturesque. We just rested for a while and what else picture taking then we headed off to the second peak – the Gungal Rock.


First Peak. Lahat ng shots namin blurred, giniginaw din ata guide namin.haha




Nakakawala ng pagod ang view


2nd Peak

We’re really hungry this time, just needed to take a picture at the scenic rock then we can have our brunch afterwards. There’s a queue of hikers in the rock so we had to wait for our turn to have our moment there. It was a little scary considering na pag namali ka ng tapak hulog ka talaga. So, be careful when taking photos, ang lakas pa ng hangin nung time na namin. Reminder: each person have only 10 seconds at the rock to give chances to others as well.

Food is served; Marj and I had pancit canton. Na-appreciate namin ang malamig na pancit canton dahil nadin sa gutom (haha). Rested for a bit then we’re off to the last peak.


OTW to 2nd peak


Here comes the sun


Touchdown 2nd peak


Yay! The Gungal Rock

3rd Peak

The view is really refreshing to the eyes, away from all the buildings, traffic, and pollution. Photos can’t give justice to how beautiful the place is, kahit san ka tuminggin masarap sa mata. Took us a while to reach the 3rd peak and I had a really hard time descending the steep slope, feeling ko kasi talaga magtutuloy tuloy ako at mangudngod. Thanks to Kuya Alex for helping me! Finally reach the 3rd peak that became a joke we called it Mt.Summit, rested for a few minutes to recharge then we start our descent.


Sooo beautiful


On my way to the 3rd peak




View form the summit

Time to go down and its gonna be a loooong way; btw we did the traverse. We’re all tired pero ang ganda ng view nakakawala ng pagod. Ramdan na ang pagod ilang beses na kaming nagtanong ng “Malayo pa po ba?”, passed by stores on the way down, rested, ate, and bought some souvenirs. Knees already weakling thru all those steps we made and passed thru 3 hanging bridges and we made it.


Going down


Touchdown Sta.Fe

We’re picked up by our van at Sta.Fe, washed up at a nearby area – it’s still new and they only ask for donation for use of CR. Went back to Baguio to buy some things and it was so traffic, di ko na alam san kami nagsusuot kasi yun ang tinuturo ni Waze. We just did stop near Kennon Road to eat our lunch inside the van and we’re off for a long drive going home. We’re just so tired that we slept for almost the whole ride.

Second attempt at Mt.Ulap – Success!! We really did made it, two mountains in two weeks. This would be the last for the first quarter of 2017. Living it up to my 20 climbs before turning 30, this was my 7th climb from last year. Until my next happy hiker adventure! J

Here’s our list of expenses for our trip, food not included:



Van Rental


Guides – 2 (w/ tip)

·         600.00 good for 7 pax


Registration fee


Parking fee




Other Expenses  
CR – Donation



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