I first heard of Masungi Georeserve way back in 2015; right there and then I wanted to go and experience what they have to offer. After countless attempts of convincing people to come with me and after almost 2 years, I finally booked a trail visit. Visit for more info.

The titas were finally out for an adventure! Last time we went on an out of town trip was 3 years ago, the Tagaytay getaway. Time to level up and do something before it’s too late (we’re not getting any younger). It’s easier to book trail visits on weekdays rather than weekends; it’s always full and at the time I scheduled our visit the earliest available weekends will be on September.

Our visit was scheduled at 7:00 AM but because I’m so OA when it comes to traffic and arriving early before our scheduled time; we’re at Masungi at exactly 5:30 AM. Hindi pa sumisikat ang araw at naunahan pa naming ang unang group andun na kami. We rented a van for convenience, I know we can’t afford to commute afterwards kaya pinush ko na ang magrent nalang.


Sooo cold!

From the parking we still need to walk for almost 10-20 minutes before reaching the waiting area. Make sure to bring all necessary documents as proof of payment. Before briefing us on our trail we did some stretching; assigned to us was Park Ranger James. He did explain what we’ll be doing for our 4-hour trail with a total of almost 10km, he was really accommodating and clearly explained all throughout the trail.


Welcome to Masungi Georeserve


Away from all the pollution and traffic.


Masungi Highlights:

  1. Sapot – from the word itself it looks like a web made of industrial steel structures that offers a 360-view that includes Sierra Madre and Laguna de Bay.IMG_1709_editedIMG_1718_edited
  2. Ditse – one of the three prominent peaks

    OTW to Ditse

  3. Patak – it’s an air house shaped like a raindrop connected by a rope bridge; should have been a tree house but it’s not on a tree. As a friend would say “Kaya patak, kasi dito na ang umpisa ng pagpatak ng mga luha”.

    Pangarap na bilog. Finally! after 13 years of trying.

  4. Duyan – it’s basically a giant hammock, the most highlight that tested our friendship. LOL

    Hanging (literal na nakabitin kami) out with friends. It’s more fun in Masungi.haha

  5. Yungib ni Ruben – Ruben as told is the one who takes care of the cave. Upon entering lit oil lamps and a scented smell will welcome guests, it has stalactites and stalagmites.

    Little brother’s not so little anymore

  6. Tatay – the tallest of the three peaks; the best view so far

    That View

  7. Nanay – the last peak that completes the family of peaks (ano daw?) its interconnected with bridges.16997981_10210845595831979_7220618779149267364_n (1)
  8. Bayawak – Ropes were arranged to look like a bayawak and the last descent of the trail.

    Last na yan beshies.


    Yay! Finally

We finished our trail visit for almost 4 hours; light snacks were served after the trail. you can still roam the place after the trail but we decided to leave after and head off to Daranak falls. Pagod na pagod ang mga tita na pag-upo ng van after ilang minuto wala na sila sa Earth. Had our late lunch at Daranak Falls and since I’m too excited for this trip nagbaon nadin kami, lubos lubusin na ang getaway. Too bad napanisan kami ng kanin pero solve nadin sa adobong chicken, hard boiled eggs, chicharon, jellies, chips, and chocolates.


Muntik ng makita yung Daranak Falls!haha

And because we’re all too tired and tamad na magbanlaw after kahit na tinatawag ka ng tubig para magswim waley na, just had some photo-ops in the falls at naglublob lang ng paa sa tubig. I swear it’s very tita of us, nakaupo lang kami sa isang side habang nakatinggin sa falls. Ganon lang kami, habang pinatatawanan ang mga sarili sa mga nangyari habang nasa trail. Changed our clothes then head off home; infairness no heavy traffic kahit rush hour na kami nakarating ng Manila.

How to survive the real test of friendship? Book a trail visit to Masungi Georeserve! This really tested our friendship, akala ko itatakwil na nila ako after almost 13 years of friendship (haha). I don’t know if they conquered their fear of heights o lalo lang nadagdagan. Nevertheless I’m happy I was able to make them experience this; walking for almost 4 hours (mostly assaults), climbing, descending, and walking through ropes without harness, standing on a suspended wires with no support, and going thru boundaries just for the sake of instagrammble worthy pictures. I’m sure we’ll always remember this day until we’re old and grey. Hanggang pagtanda natin nagbubullyhan tayo dahil dito, looking forward to more of these.



  1. Come on time or if even possible before your scheduled trail visit.
  2. Bring proof of payment/s.
  3. Pack light; don’t bring unnecessary stuff during the trail.
  4. Bring enough water and trail foods.
  5. Listen carefully to your Park Ranger.
  6. Don’t take too long on a spot; consider the group after you.
  7. No loud noises.
  8. Practice Leave No Trace.
  9. Enjoy!

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