It all started with just a normal conversation, “Tara punta tayong Bohol.” Then, there I was looking for a promo fare and impulsively booked a trip to Bohol for three (Me, Carla, and Ken). Since were on a budget we’re doing a DIY trip (as always); there’s a lot of things to do in Bohol but since we’re just staying for a short period of time we just did what we can to maximize our stay and here’s what we did on our Bohol trip.

Day 1 – Bohol City Tour and Alona Beach Strolling

Call time was 3 AM for our 8 AM departure from NAIA (OA talaga sa aga, ayoko matraffic); from Bulacan to Pasay; we’re at the airport around pass 6 AM and thankfully there were no delays in our flight.

Rain welcomed us upon arrival at Tagbilaran Airport (Uh-Oh), but no rain will ever stop us from this trip.

First agenda was the Bohol City Tour, we rented a car for our tour from Tatsky Cubero (I’ll indicate the contact details below). Our assigned driver/guide is Kuya Jojo ,we rented a car but instead we had a van ‘coz there were no available cars at that time and price is still the same.

Blood Compact


Python Sanctuary


Baclayon Church


Loboc Man-made Forest


Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary


Chocolate Hills


Hinagdanan Cave


Bohol Bee Farm


Tour is finally over and it’s still raining, good thing we’re able to go to our booked room straight from the tour without extra charges. It’s my first time trying to book at Airbnb and use my Paymaya for the payment. It was literally just a click away to book a room. We’re booked at D’Backpacker’s Barn, initialIy I thought I reserved the whole room (dorm type good for 4pax) but to clear things up I just booked 3 beds for 3 guests thus we have another guest in the room; Joe-bert (we forgot his name!haha, nagsoul search ata si koya).

Our place is just right for us since we’re not really staying all day in our room, the staffs were nice and accommodating, free breakfast was served during our stay, with free wifi, they also lend playing cards and board games if you want. It’s a cozy place with a barn themed ambiance; you can still have some privacy even if it’s near the main road and Alona beach is just minutes of walking from the place.


After visiting the beach for some photo-ops we had our dinner at a carinderia nearby, mairaos lang ang dinner (haha). The people are nice but I think the locals are more used to foreigners (mas sanay pa sila magkorean kesa magtagalog).

It was fun and exhausting, we haven’t really explored the place because of the rain but still we saw the famous landmarks of Bohol. Time to have some rest; we need to get up early the next day for some adventure.

Contact Details:



DRIVER/GUIDE: Kuya Jojo (0908-813-3565)

Day 2 – The Plunge and Alona Beach      

We need to leave our place super early (hello 3AM call time!) to catch up with the bus going to Danao at 5AM. Night before we already arranged our ride from Panglao to Island City Mall Terminal; we have Kuya Boni and his tricycle for our early morning ride. Since we’re on a budget we opted to choose the hardcore commute. Travel going to Danao took up almost 3 hours, ang sakit na sa pwet. To reach Danao Adventure Park we still need to ride a habal-habal for around 30-40 minutes; our drivers were Kuya Emil and another Kuya (I can’t remember his name!haha), they offered to fetch us after we finished our activity.


It’s the most awaited time; THE PLUNGE!!


 Plunge: a canyon swing adventure mounted over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide gorge. A person would have to do a 45 meters free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter. Cable has a maximum working load of 5 tons. Now longer (70 meters) more fearsome.

 “The Plunge” is the best “fear factor” experience among other adventure activities on offer. One has to literally plunge to an open air where about two seconds, the plunger will all be defenseless, feel nothing and left all alone.

 This experience is one great way to de-stress and even make appreciate life the more.

Mixed emotions; nervous and excited. We didn’t travel all the way here just for nothing, it was literally breath taking. Nawala ata ako sa earth ng 5 seconds, imagine free falling that high. It was really an experience and I would love to do it again.


Given the time and money, we’d love to experience the other activities offered at Danao. Going back to Panglao we again need to travel 3 hrs; we met this nice bus driver that even gave us instructions going back to Panglao from the terminal. We rode a jeep back to Panglao, but first, time to buy some pasalubongs. Sulit na sulit ang byahe ng jeep dahil hanggang gitna may upuan, walang space na sinasayang.

After refreshing, charging, and changing our clothes it’s time for some salt water. Explored the stretch of Alona Beach and did photo-ops (of course!). Sulitin ang view, weather’s not really cooperating but kebs lang. We had dinner along the beach, food was super pricey considering we’re on a budget. For the sake of dining out on beachfront sige na nga, even the water costs so much.


Day 3 – Goodbye Bohol

The plan was to catch the sunrise by the beach; but as I said weather’s not really cooperating so we just slept more than to go to the beach. Breakfast was served, and then we packed our things and checked-out at the place. We just haggled from the tricycle driver to drop us at the airport. We learned from the locals that if you want to spend less on riding from Panglao to Tagbilaran look for tricycles with a 4-digit number. Tricycles that are based on Panglao usually has only 3-digit numbers thus its more expensive kasi they’ll go back to Panglao again from the airport (gets ba?haha).


Thankfully there were no flight delays going back to Manila. Soon after we arrived to Manila it was raining…again. To end our trip we ate lunch and treated ourselves for lunch (gutom na gutom na mga beshy). It was just a short and quick trip, will definitely come back to experience the cave pools, falls, beaches, etc. There are so much more to see at Bohol. See you again!

Video of our trip to follow, wala pang time mga bes.hehe

Here’s our DIY Itinerary during our stay in Bohol. We spent less than 6,000 inclusive of transportation, accommodation, and entrance fees. Food and pasalubongs not included.

02/16/2017 – DAY 1 (THURSDAY)
Promo Fare  Cebu Pacific: MNL – TAG/ TAG-MNL      1,775.00     5,325.00
3:00 AM Transpo: Malolos to Cubao (Van – good for 4 pax)           80.00        240.00
4:00 AM            Cubao to NAIA Terminal 3 (Taxi)         118.33        355.00
5:30 AM Arrivat at NAIA Terminal 3
Check-in Baggage         216.00        648.00
8:20 AM Departure from NAIA Terminal 3
9:45 AM Arrival at Tagbilaran Airport
Transpo: Car Rental (Tatsky)         666.67     2,000.00
   1. Blood Compact
   2. Phyton Sanctuary (Entrance Fee – EF)           45.00        135.00
   3. Baclayon Church
   4. Loboc Man-Made Forest
   5. Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary (EF)           60.00        180.00
   6. Chocolate Hills           50.00        150.00
   7.Hinagdanan Cave (EF)           50.00        150.00
        – Parking fee             5.00          15.00
   8. Bohol Bee Farm
Check-in at D’Backpacker’s Barn (good for 2 nights w/ free breakfast)      1,225.00     3,675.00
Stroll along Alona Beach
Day 1 Total      4,291.00   12,873.00
02/17/2017 – DAY 2 (FRIDAY)
4:00 AM Call time
Breakfast (Free)
4:30 AM Transpo: Panglao to Tagbilaran DAO Terminal (Tricycle)         100.00        300.00
5:00 AM                Tagbilaran to Danao (Bus)           85.00        255.00
8:00 AM Arrival at Danao Proper
Transpo: Danao Proper to Danao Adventure Park (Habal-Habal)           40.00        120.00
 – Admission Fee           40.00        120.00
 – The Plunge         700.00     2,100.00
Transpo: Danao Adventure Park to Danao Proper (Habal-Habal)           40.00        120.00
10:45 AM Transpo: Danao Adventure Park to DAO Terminal (Bus)           85.00        255.00
2:30 PM Arrival at Tagbilaran Proper
3:30 PM Transpo: Tagbilaran to Panglao (Jeep)           25.00          75.00
4:00 PM Back to D’Backpacker’s Barn
Stroll along Alona Beach
Day 2 Total      1,115.00     3,345.00
02/18/2017 – DAY 3 (FRIDAY)
7:00 AM Breakfast (Free)
7:30 AM Transpo: Panglao to Tagbilaran (Tricycle)           93.33        280.00
8:00 AM Arrival at Tagbilaran Airport
Terminal fee         100.00        300.00
10:15 AM Departure from Bohol
11:40 AM Arrival at NAIA Terminal 3
12:00 PM Transpo: NAIA Terminal 3 to MRT Taft (Taxi)           58.33        175.00
               MRT Magallanes – North EDSA (MRT)           28.00          84.00
Transpo:Trinoma to Malolos (Van)           80.00        240.00
Day 3 Total         359.67     1,079.00
GRAND TOTAL      5,765.67   17,297.00

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