Fudtriperz – that’s my highschool barkada’s name, I know hindi sya pag-it girls levels! (LOL) Eto yung jejemon phase namin. From the root word “food trip” modify the letters “oo” to “u” and add “erz” to make it more jeje (haha).

This trip is literally 10 years in the making. So, to make things special we decided to go on an out-town-trip to celebrate our decade long friendship. Off we go to Tagaytay for our weekend getaway, it was like highschool all over again. Yung feeling na fieldtrip kinabukasan, di ka makatulog sa excitement.

Drove all the way to Tagaytay with these girls; checked in at Crosswinds Tagaytay. Explored the place and syempre ano pa bang gagawin kundi magpicture picture. Ate lunch at Josephine’s and bought some foods and pica pica. We wanted to see the Christmas ganap but it rained so we just went back to our room.

May game kami, find your give away!haha, mga pakulo lang. After getting our give aways we watched our compiled videos and pictures thru the years. Back in the days na .3gp pa ang file ng videos ko and super pixelated pa and transferred to our pc via infrared (good old days!haha, and tanda na ng datingan). We even had a game, hulaan-mo-anong-ganap-sa-picture-na-ito kind of game.

Had a lot of chika until we all fell asleep. Early morning kaguluhan because we required all to wear a dress, gumaganap talaga.haha, para sa flower crown na kasama sa give aways. Make-up dito, make-up doon, plantsa ng buhok, ligpit ng gamit, etc. We went straight to Caleruega after checking out the hotel, heard Sunday mass and most of all picture picture.

After magpakapagod kakapose at akyat baba we went to Bag of Beans for an eat-all-you-can buffet. Then to the Pink Sisters hear mass and write our petitions, had some pasalubong buying before going back to Manila.

It was just a short out-of-town getaway filled with love, laughter, and endless chikahan. We may have not see each other every day but our bond  is still there. Sana mas bongga na sa 20 years natin,haha.

And after 2 years finally had the time to edit these videos. First time using Adobe Premiere, there so much more to learn but this will do for a first timer. So excited edit more travel videos 🙂



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