This is a long overdue post due to laziness, it’s been on my draft posts since December (Nagexplain talaga ako?haha).

I’ve been planning to go to Mt.Gulugod Baboy since July; 4 months in the making and 2 times na naudlot (haha); finally natuloy din. I’ve been curious about Mt.Gulugod Baboy (Pig’s Spine), tuwang tuwa ako sa pangalan nya that I searched  how to do a DIY trip (as usual, DIY forever!). Together with my college friend, her friend, her friend’s officemates, her sister, and her sister’s officemates off we go to Anilao, Batangas on a holiday (November 30 – Bonifacio Day).

Call time was supposed to be 5AM at Farmers Cubao but we left at around 7:30AM (very pinoy!haha). Thankfully walang traffic so it was just a 2-hour drive from Cubao. Upon arrival, we went straight to Philpan Dive Resort; arranged our guide and the boat rental for island side trip after the hike. Registered our names and we’re given a paper with cellphone numbers we can contact in case of emergency.


We started going up this steep cemented road (dito palang pagod na,haha) and went to our first stop after 15 minutes of walking. Hindi sapat ang araw-araw na pag-akyat ng MRT in preparation for this day hike (haha). Warm up daw yun, then there’s the trail; madali lang sundan kasi visible naman ang trail, some groups even opted to just do it by themselves and the locals are very helpful with the directions. After another 15 minutes of walking a nice view can already be seen from where we stand. After an hour of walking, picture taking and stop over (every 15-30 minutes); the peak is almost visible.


Kaya pa ba??



There’s the peak


This View


Blue and green all over the place

The view and fresh air will take away your tiredness, sulit ang pagod. After endless picture taking at kung hindi pa umulan hindi pa naming maiisipang bumaba. It rained a bit so the trail was a bit muddy and slippery upon descending. The hardest part for me was going down the cemented road, feeling ko isang maling hakbang ko lang gugulong na ako pababa (haha).

Our guide (Mark?) was really helpful and accommodating, he even carried one of the bags ‘coz it was too heavy for her. He was also the one that arranged our boat rental for our island trip.

Upon arrival at Philpan we just freshened up and changed to our swimming attire, paid the boat rental and entrance fees (free cottage and use of comfort rooms) and Fortalez Island (free table). The boat ride was about 30-40 minutes from the resort. Yay! for some sea, sand, and sunshine.

We ate our lunch at the island (really late lunch) and what else, picture taking and swimming until sunset. Make sure to bring your own snorkel/goggles because everything here is for rent even the life vests. There were really a lot of fish, you can see them kahit sa mababaw na area. The sand was really white and there were a lot of corals and sea shells around.


Lunch view




Pusuan na yan!



And it’s time to go back to the resort to freshen up and go home. Sunset on our boat ride back to the resort, freshened up and settled down. We left Batangas at around 6:00PM and thankfully there were only minimal heavy traffic considering it’s a holiday.

Holiday well spent on top of the mountain, it was a leg day indeed. Another item was ticked on my list, this would be the last for this year. More to come next year!

In case it helps, here’s our list of expenses for the trip, food not included.

(9 PAX)
Van Rental 555.56 5,000.00
Driver’s Meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Merienda) 25.00 225.00
Parking fee (Philpan Dive Resort) 6.67 60.00
Registration fee 40.00 360.00
Guide fee 55.56 500.00
Entrance (Philpan Dive Resort) 100.00 900.00
Entrance (Fortalez Island) 100.00 900.00
Boat Rental 300.00 2,700.00
TOTAL             1,182.78            10,645.00

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