Friday (September 9)

Movie date with Marj – we’ve been planning to watch Camp Sawi opening palang but because of our busy schedules (more of no budget) hindi kami matuloy tuloy. Malapit ng mawala yung movie sa cinemas bago pa kami nakapanood. It’s a good movie, sobrang nakakatawa with a lot of hugot, lessons and realizations (relate much ka ba beh?haha).


Saturday (September 10)

Remember the church in the movie A Second Chance where Popoy and Basha got married? We went all the way to Antipolo to check-out the church because the soon-to-bride wants to (what the bride wants, the bride gets!haha). Luckily there was a wedding when we came, wedding crashers lang ang peg namin. Witnessed the later part of the ceremony and observed things while wedding crashing (OCness at its finest!haha). Someone got the feels of the wedding, naiiyak na sya hindi pa naman.

Just went picture taking and took advantage of the set-up. The place looks nice, natural lighting and minimalist style.


Sunny day


Happy Three Friends


Immaculate Heart of Mary Church



Sunday (September 11)

Attended the feast at PICC, the talk was about healing; healing of the mind. I don’t know if its coincidence but I wrote in my prayer request about healing and finding my purpose in life (ang lalim nun beh!).

Here are some notes during the feast:

  • Heal your mind, heal your body
  • Let go and let God
  • Fun isn’t fun if there’s no work before the fun


Monday (September 12)

It’s a holiday and we decided to go jogging, 5 AM meet up went to 7 AM (haha). Kalian pa nagkabayad sa pagpasok sa complex? Apparently a guy at the gate charged us 10.00 each, what’s this for? Anyways, we did more of walking and chika than jogging, mainit na kasi at tanghali na ang mga tita sa pag-jogging.


Malolos Sports Complex

Had breakfast at Citang’s, sobrang nagutom ang mga tita and nagtakaw mata. Goto, lumpiang toge, and puto. Kala mo anong intense jogging ginawa eh.

Did some tela canvassing and had a Malolos tour (haha) of the historical sites around the area. Sa dami ng bagong makakainan sa Malolos we ended up at McDonald’s Tikay because we’re on a tight budget (haha). May pera o wala sa McDonald’s ang takbuhan pag walang maisip na kainan. Sooo many chika with the girls about life, especially now that we’re adulting. Napaka-tita na ng usapan talaga,haha.


12 years of eating at McDonald’s.haha


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