It was raining hard on a Friday night up to Saturday morning but we still insisted to travel up north. We’re so impatient so off we to go to an adventure (haha). We (Carla, Ken, Ga, and I) took the DAU to Baguio route, it took us 6-7 hours of travel (gusto nyo yan ah,haha) while Marj and Kenny took the Cubao to Baguio route. Cold breeze with rain showers welcomed us to Baguio, but we’re not losing hope the sun will still shine tomorrow morning (sinong niloloko namin?haha). We had dinner at Green Pepper Ketchup Food Community; had some photo ops ‘coz we have the second floor all to ourselves. Umpisa palang picture na ng picture (all pictures used are not mine, phone camera is not cooperating). Good thing we found a place for the night for a reasonable price with accommodating owner at Gabriela Silang.


Christmas Feels


The Crazies


Salamat sa pagpunta sa birthday ko!haha


The kunsintidors


Someday everything will make sense…makukuha ko din ang tamang anggulo,haha

The rain didn’t stop for the whole night and our Call time was 4AM; but of course it was so early that we left at around 7AM and its still raining (never lose hope!). Looked for the jeep terminal going to Ampucao and we’re kind of lost because the landmark I read on blogs was “near Jollibee” not knowing that for every 20 steps you’ll see a Jollibee. Sorry guys, I really have no sense of direction. Remember the jeep terminal going to Ampucao is on Lakandula St., thank you google maps! (hindi ko din maalala yung daan papunta dun dahil ikot kami ng ikot,haha). It was an hour ride up to to Ampucao Elementary School (including the waiting time), registration was located in the school’s covered court. After registration and paying for the guide, had a brief intro of the hike and told us that it will took at least 7 hours. Seriously?? Maybe it’s because of the rain. We even told him that we’ll do the traverse for this hike. So, off we go!


Off we go

We left the school and started the hike nang biglang umulan ng malakas. Anyare naman? I had to put on plastic garbage on my bag para hindi mabasa.  The plastic garbage saved us from this hike; modified it into a raincoat, bag protection, and even head protection. Habang umaakyat palakas ng palakas ang ulan, we can’t even enjoy the view. Puro fog lang at putik lang nakikita namin with zero visibility (haha). We reached the first peak for I don’t even know for how long we’re walking and decided to eat lunch under some trees. Kumain habang malakas ang ulan, walang choice, walang arte arte, we have to eat dahil patang pata na sa ulan,haha. Seriously ang sakit nung patak ng ulan at ang lakas ng hagin matatangay ka talaga. We just went back after eating because we can’t make it anymore, sobrang lakas na ng ulan and basang basa na kami. There were other groups who even went camping; I can’t imagine how they survived the rain. We had to change our clothes and wash our super dirty nanggigitata feet to a nearby store. Then, we went back to Baguio.


Welcome to Mt.Ulap


Puro fog pala dito


Into the woods


Anong nangyayari sa matitigas ang ulo?


Out of nowhere


Ano beh? Kaya pa ba?




Braving the rain and cold breeze


Thirdwheeling as always


Better luck next time guys


The garbage plastic fashion collection


Ngiting nakatapos ng hike!haha, maybe some other time


I can’t let go of my outfit,haha. #sepanx


Emotera sa daan

Side Note: I don’t know what with our guide or lahat ng guide ganon? Hindi sya accommodating and hindi sya nagsasalita unless tanungin mo. Other guides (based from experience) will explain kung ano ba yon, nasan na kayo, and will even help you pag nahihirapan ka. I think he’s just new to this and he’s still young.

It was so cold in Baguio, what had just happened? Or dahil basa lang kami? Went back to the place where we stayed, buti pinayagan kaming iwan ang gamit and magwash up after. Ate an early dinner at SM Baguio (kamusta sa dami ng tao dito?haha), went to the market then went home. We’re all so tired that we’re snoring on our way home. Sorry sa mga Koreano na nasa harap namin sa bus, pagod lang kami.

That’s what happens when you’re too stubborn to listen na wag ng ituloy ang hike dahil maulan. YOLO ang gusto so ayan ang napala sa YOLO; sakit ng katawan, sipon, at ubo. Life wouldn’t be the same without those crazy friends that make you do stupid stuff. Till our next adventure!

Here’s a sample itinerary; expenses listed is good for 4-6 pax it includes transportation (from DAU to Baguio and vice versa), accommodation, registration fee, and guide fee. Food expenses not included. (Yup, MS Excel is my bff when planning trips)

August 27, 2016
12:30 PM Bus: DAU – Baguio 300.00 4 1,200.00
6:30 PM  – Arrival at Baguio
7:00 PM Taxi: Bus Drop-off to Ketchup Community 19.50 4 78.00
8:00 PM  – Dinner
9:00 PM Taxi: Ketchup Community to 7/11 12.75 4 51.00
9:20 PM Buy food
9:45 PM Taxi: 7/11 to Gabriela Silang 12.50 4 50.00
10:00 PM Check-in for Overnight stay 250.00 6 1,500.00
August 28, 2016
4:00 AM Call time
7:00 AM Jeep: Gabriela Silang – Lakandula St. 8.50 6 51.00
8:00 AM Jeep: Baguio – Ampucao, Itogon 31.00 6 186.00
9:00 AM Arrivat at Ampucao Elementary School
 – Registration fee 100.00 6 600.00
 – Guide fee 66.67 6 400.00
9:30 AM Start hike to Mt. Ulap
 – Tip Guide (optional) 16.67 6 100.00
12:30 PM End hike
1:00 PM Jeep: Ampucao – Baguio 30.00 6 180.00
2:00 PM Jeep: Burnham – Gabriela Silang 8.50 6 51.00
 – Wash up
3:00 PM Jeep: Gabriela Silang – SM 8.50 6 51.00
3:30 PM Early Dinner
5:30 PM Taxi: SM to Public Market 12.75 4 51.00
6:45 PM Taxi: Public Market to Victory Liner 12.25 4 49.00
7:00 PM Bus: Bagiuo – DAU (Regular) 306.00 4 1,224.00
TOTAL 1,195.58 5,822.00


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