If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, Psychologists says it will last a lifetime.

We’ve been friends since highschool – year 2004, that makes us friends for 12 years (on September – may anniversary month kami,haha). We might not see each other often but still the bond is there and we know that whatever happens we’ll always be there for each other (Naks). Those 12 years a lot have happened, graduated from highschool, went to college, first jobs, marriage, kids, etc. And at this stage of our lives we’re still figuring out what life has to offer. I’m just thankful that I have these girls in my life, di man kami magtugma lagi ng mga schedules we know that we have each others back (insert drama song….haha). Highschool really never ends!

02 July 2016

So what’s the ganap? Because someone’s getting married soon may ganap ang bride-to-be for her squad. The will you be’s for the secondary sponsors and MOH (yep, that’s me *happy dance* – will make a separate post for this one,hihi)

After the “Will you be my…?” we went to Mc Larens Pub (calling out all the HIMYM fans out there) at around 6:30PM, yes we almost opened the bar nagpareserve pa kami wala naman palang tao ng ganong oras. Ordered some drinks and pica pica habang chumichika at humanap ng tamang anggulo para sa picture.






Then we had this impromptu Q&A c/o Reg, hindi ko na maalala ibang tanong pero what I remembered was “What would you tell you’re 18-y/o self?”. I’m really not feeling well that night kaya sorry sa pagkalutang ko. Ano nga bang sasabihin ko sa sarili ko?

Don’t rush things, enjoy every moment of your life. Wag ka masyadong ma-stress sa buhay at wag kang magmadali. In His time everything will happen, at the right time. Sana tinuloy mo ang pagshift mo, pero ok lang yan gurl you’ll be fine. You’ll graduate from college and have a job. Remember, you don’t have to please everybody and you don’t have to explain everything to everybody.  At 27 you still don’t know what you truly want in life, pero we’ll get there just keep the faith. Treasure every moment with your family and friends, they’ll stick with you no matter what.

Ang daling mag-advise sa past mo pero ang hirap pala kausapin ng present and future self mo. So, we had to write ourselves a letter/message five years from now kung ano yung ineexpect/sasabihin namin sa sarili namin. I’ll sent out the email five years from now, let’s see if na-accomplish na naming ang mga nilagay namin.

We had our share of tita moments: Going to a pub at 6:30 PM and we’re home before 11PM and antok na antok na kami. We requested to lower the volume of the sounds, kasi hindi kami magkarinigan dahil ang nalalakasan na kami sa sounds,haha.

I hope we can do this every month, paghandaan natin ang night out. Matulog sa umaga para gising tayo sa gabi,haha. Seriously, we should meet often girls. Till our next tita moments!


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