This trip was done last February 2016, weeks after the Sagada Experience. Someone brought up this idea of going to San Miguel while we’re walking to Bomod-Ok Falls, feeling ko kaya ko na lahat kaya agad agad nag-yes ako. All I know was we’ll go to Mt.Gola at San Miguel, Bulacan. Yun lang, aaky0at ng bundok. Tapos ang usapan.

Day before the hike namili pa kami ng mga baon, chips, candies, chocolates, etc. Hindi naman kami excited ano? Our call time was I think 6AM at Tabang (Guiguinto, Bulacan), dahil excited ako exactly 6AM nasa meeting place na kami (I dragged my younger brother to come with me, sagot ko lahat sumama lang sya.haha, kailangan ko ng alalay). We ended up at Mc Donald’s while waiting for our ride (nagutom na sa sobrang excitement), around 8-9AM we left and off we go to San Miguel, Bulacan.

As soon as we arrived at the jump off, we went to the registration area (I think you need to inform the guides in advance, wala talaga akong alam basta nag-yes lang ako), listed our names and paid the registration fee. We’re a group of ten (10) and assigned were two (2) guides. According to other bloggers it’s just a chill hike and best for beginners (tignan natin gano ka-chill to…)


Mt. Manalmon and Mt.Gola


Before the hike, chill pa kami.


Presenting my alalay




We reached the peak in less than 2 hours. The challenging part was climbing the sharp rocks, hindi ko alam san ako aapak at kung ano hahawakan ko.



Anong pinaglalaban nyo?haha




We went back after picture taking, ate our lunch somewhere down the trail. We did not do the twin hike, instead we opted o go to Bayukbok Cave (can’t remember if its 1 or 2 or both,haha). It was just easy compared to what we did in Sumaguing Cave (yabang ko na,haha). There’s a lot of crawling and climbing, considering na feeling ko may claustrophobic ako (feeling ko lang kasi di ako makahinga pa makikipot na daan).


Fake Smile!haha, pagod na si ateng.



Wala namang kahirap hirap. Di man lang ako nadumihan.



“Kuya, malayo pa ba?”

After caving we went back to the jump off and did the Monkey Bridge. It was my first time to do this, mas nakakakaba kasi ang haba ng pila. Medyo masakit lang sa kamay kasi wala akong suot na gloves. Nevertheless,  I did it ng hindi ako bumabagsak or nahuhulog sa ilog.



Ayoko na ata. Kuya babalik na ko,haha.


Easy Peasy!haha

Some from the group swam in the river while we’re caving and someone just slept (yung sinama kong alalay waley!haha, di nagcaving at nagmonkey bridge.tsktsktsk).

We spent aroung Php600.00 each that includes: van rental, entrance fees/guide fees/environmental fee, and  flashlight rental. Bring your own food and water para tipid. Tipid tips forever!!


Goodbye for now. Next time twin hike naman.




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