May 2016 – In the midst of 4AM conversations someone intiated on going for a long drive. This was the most spontaneous trip I’ve done so far. Bilang OC, I need to plan everything in advance. Medyo nagpanic ako, medyo lang naman. What to pack? What to wear? What will we do? OA lang, day trip lang naman at ang sabi long drive. Wag masyado mag-assume!haha Continue reading


This trip was done last February 2016, weeks after the Sagada Experience. Someone brought up this idea of going to San Miguel while we’re walking to Bomod-Ok Falls, feeling ko kaya ko na lahat kaya agad agad nag-yes ako. All I know was we’ll go to Mt.Gola at San Miguel, Bulacan. Yun lang, aaky0at ng bundok. Tapos ang usapan. Continue reading